Machine Case Packer FEATURES

  • Motion PLC System
  • Servo-motors
  • Drive-motors
  • High precision planetary gear drive systems
  • “Low Case Amount” warning and automatic stop system
  • Safety switches and protective covers
  • Statistics Page with Custom Encryption
  • Settings Page with Custom Encryption
  • 12” Color Touch Screen
  • Vibration System
  • Case compaction system
  • ‘Out of tape’ sensor
  • Remote access module (Optional)


  • Ability to adjust the case magazine and case transport conveyor system automatically
  • Automatic case size adjustment, saving, and easy transition
  • Servo-driven package alignment
  • Optimal package layout with vibration and case compaction systems after case filling unit.
  • Easy to control machine operation functions and parameters with color touch screen
  • Ability to make single or double corrugated cases
  • Ability to control the packaging machine using the case packer
  • Ability to change the machine design according to different machine placements
  • Automatic adjustment on case transitions


  • Unique product design generated by taking into account the innovations in technology and the needs of customers.
  • The sachets of the machine is ovened with electrostatic paint. These are dirt- and corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean.
  • Its unique design makes it easy to integrate labeling and printers.