Semi-Automatic Screw Packaging Machine


  • Semi-Automatic systems of Emka Machinery
  • Volumetric filling system is applied
  • Used to fill packages like plastic-carton bags and 3-edge sealed bags.
  • With the help of a switch controlled by the operator, the volume of the container is filled up to the preferred amount. For the three-edge sealed bag, with the optional integrated closing system, the final stage of packaging is completed.
  • Parameters can be monitored with the integration panel.
  • It is manufactured in sufficient size to be able to combine alternative applications (printer-bag closing aparat etc.) which can be adjusted in height by considering the working conditions of the operator.
  • With advanced engineering, it provides simple handling and intervention from complex structures.
  • The YRX series, which is produced from specialist workmanship, solid chassis and high quality stainless materials, has been offered to our valued customers for the same working condition.